Our Quality Management System (QMS) is very well established under supervision of various teams of qualified and certified Engineers in strict compliance with international recognized quality standards such as ISO 9001, CE, PED, API6D, API600 etc.

Elite Valves are manufactured as per international standards such as APIANSIASMEASTMMSSNACE. Our engineering team consistently monitors update to these standards and incorporates any applicable changes that affect the design, regulations and performance of our valves. Each steps of valve engineering and manufacturing can be validated using advance software starting from 3D model to finite element analysis of loads, tension and deformations and final stress test.

Elite Flow Control guarantees the performance and reliability of its products through the systematic 100% testing & Inspection.

All the tests are done internally in the dedicated testing area, by means of multiple and specifically designed (and certified) test benches that are used to control the output of the production line.

Quality is the one of Core Value of the Company and it complied but not limited to the following as minimum:

  • Design Review
  • Continuous Research for new materials either for construction and for sealing Material Properties Control (mechanical and chemical)
  • Materials Quality (Volumetric Tests, Magnetic Test, Penetrate Test, PMI)
  • Traceability of the materials and parts
  • Inspection During Production Process in all its phases Performances of the Valves
  • Accuracy in the final stage before shipment
  • Issuing of complete documentation file in full compliance of project requirement Respect of the Contractual Delivery
Finite Element Analysis
Finite Element Analysis
3D Model Design
Typical Valve Design

Raw Material Inspection:

Raw material quality is vital for valve quality, Elite Valve source casting and forging from selected vendor. Before machining, we will take 4 steps to guarantee  the  material quality.

  1. Visual Test: Visual test as per MSS SP55, casting with obvious defects will be
  2. Valve wall thickness test: Random inspection on valve wall thickness by ultrasonic thickness meter, unqualified ones will be
  3. Chemical Component analysis: Random PMI test is performed to ensure qualification.
  4. imension Check face to face; flange thickness will be check before process .
Forged Stock
Hydro Testing
Hydro Testing
PMI Inspection
Dimension Check


When the designs are approved by the customer, the production process starts. Our highly qualified staff works with high speed machines to produce valves accordingly as per requirement. After rough machining, 20% of valve component is checked dimensionally by Q.C inspectors and 100% after fine machining.

Machine Center
Engine Lathe
CNC Machining
Dimension Check
End Product

Valve Testing:

After the production process has finished 100% of valves are tested in-house. Our valves have to ensure a hydro-test on body and seat, followed by a low pressure air-test in excess of API 60, API 598 requirements, prior to shipping. Additional tests on valves and materials can also be arranged by Elite Valves.

The following standard performance test are performed according to API 6D, API 598 or to customer specific requirements:

  • Visual & Dimensional Check
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Low Pressure Gas Seat Testing
  • High Pressure Gas Testing
  • Cryogenic Gas Testing Down To -196 “( (-320,8 a F)
  • High Temperature Testing Up To 660″C(1220 a F)
  • Fugitive Emission Gas Testing
  • Antistatic Testing
  • Torque Testing
  • Cavity Relief Testing
  • Double Block & Bleed (DBB) Testing
  • Double Isolation & Bleed (DIB-1,DIB-2) Testing
Cryogenic Testing
Hydro Testing
Hydro Testing
Pressure Test
Pressure Test
Firesafe Test
Firesafe Test
Fugitive Emission Gas Testing
Fugitive Emission Gas Testing

Non – Destructive Testing (NDT):

The following tests can be performed by 2nd level EN473-SI09712/SN-TC-1A qualified personal or 3rd party appointed by client.

  • VT (Visual testing)
  • UT (Ultrasonic testing)
  • PT (Penetrant testing)
  • MT (Magnetic particle testing)
  • LT (Leak testing)
  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)
  • Hardness test
  • Ferrite Test
Visual Inspection
Ultrasonic Testing
PMI Test
PMI Test
Magnetic Particle Test