This would indirectly deter other firms from entering the market. In some cases, other firms would pay the dominant firm to get access to downstream services in the supply chain. Forward integration strategy for lowering manufacturing costs and increasing efficiency by acquiring suppliers, thereby replacing third-party channels and consolidating activities. Again if DELL wants to implement this strategy, it can take control over the marketing agency that the company previously used to market its end product. If Intel decides to follow them, then, in the long run, it can operate as a monopoly and dominate the market by controlling both raw material and finished product. Buy DELL cannot take over Intel if it plans to integrate forward because only a backward integration allows a movement up the supply chain.

Ikea said the deal would allow it to manage wood sustainably at affordable prices. Romanian government welcomed the Ikea deal but conservationists are concerned that it may pave the way for encroachment into areas such as the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Another horizontal integration is example is Tata Steel’s acquisition of Corus, which made Tata Steel a new steel giant.

How does Vinted make money by selling Pre-Owned clothes?

For an industry, backward linkages are directed towards suppliers; while the forward linkages are directed towards consumers. As I already discussed above that integration has two types, one is Vertical and another one is Horizontal. Also, vertical integration divided by forward and backwards integration.

forward integration example in india

An example of forward integration is a situation when a manufacturer purchases its retailer to secure control over the distribution channels. Both the integration strategies involve the element of cost efficiency coupled with control over the activities in the value chain. The business strategy of most companies today involves taking control of the entire value chain. For example, Netflix started off by selling DVDs and later streaming services .

Backward integration is a type of vertical integration that includes the purchase of, or merger with, suppliers. However, not all companies use those techniques because larger is not always nicer. Because both techniques have some advantages and disadvantages as I already indicated above. So now you can understand how its impact if a company chose both integration strategies. So whenever companies want to control their distribution process they acquire distribution or sales companies.

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As for the road map of business operations, in the chemical logistics division they would like to put up special warehouses for chemicals as the same are not readily available in many places, comments Mr. Lakshmipathy. When the company itself has the bandwidth and resources to service all its customers in the present and future markets. Through the advent of digital platforms coupled with company-owned showrooms, the company gets to own and have better control over customer experience. Through smartphone apps and artificial intelligence, the company can understand buyer behavior and preferences. The electric car maker has been at the forefront of forward integration approach.

Become closer to the end consumer in the value chain, to understand the end consumer’s expectations more. There is a synchronization of supply and demand and proper coordination in the supply chain. A farmer, i.e., a producer of vegetables, directly sells his products at the farmer’s markets. Profit Margin,Profit Margin is a metric that the management, financial analysts, & investors use to measure the profitability of a business relative to its sales. It is determined as the ratio of Generated Profit Amount to the Generated Revenue Amount. We note here that infrastructure such as Railways, Roads and service providers such as transporters work as both forward as well as backward linkages.


So the company will directly sell its designs to customers instead of selling them through other retail stores. Forward integration is a strategy where the company gains control of the business activities that are ahead in the value chain. “Also, by owning more than one part of the supply chain, we reduce the overall cost of the product without sacrificing quality,” Andreas forward integration example in india continues. Backward Integration is a strategy in which a company acquires supplier of its raw materials, or sets up its own facilities to ensure a more reliable or cost-effective supply of inputs. Example of backward integration is in 2014, the Ferrero Group, one of the market leaders of the chocolate confectionery industry acquired Otlan group for $500 million.

forward integration example in india

In the supply chain system, you already saw how supply management processes go on. If you have any doubt then you can check our other blog on vertical and horizontal integration. With two employees, little money and some trade contacts we started the chemicals trading business in a small way. We procured chemicals in bulk quantities from established distributors and manufacturers mainly from Maharashtra, Gujarat and T.N. And supplied it to the customers who needed the same in varying quantities from 10 kg to 500 kg or more.

Previously, it had to use retail companies and marketing firms to effectively sell the products. It is important to note that vertical integration is not the only strategy used by RIL – the company has also horizontally integrated into retail and telecom on a large scale. Nor is vertical integration solely applied in petrochemicals, RIL has recently demonstrated the ambition to make Reliance Jio the country’s first vertically integrated telecom and digital service provider. Forward and Backward Integration are both parts of Vertical Integration. Forward Integration as mentioned above is taking control over the downstream activities in a supply chain which ultimately leads to an increase in market share. If the downstream activities in an industry are controlled by a single firm, it would create an entry barrier for other firms.

First, companies further ahead in the supply chain (i.e.upstream companies) tend to enjoy larger revenue than those downstream. In a previous post, we looked at backward integration and how it empowered companies to take control of their supply chain. Company plans to improve their digital customer experience touchpoints with this acquiring. The technology allows menus at McDonald’s drive-thrus to change based on different factors including weather, current traffic, and more.


RIL did not just enter backward with scale; it modified the entire downstream infrastructure to suit that scale by expanding its polyester fiber staple manufacturing facilities. There are not many companies who have managed to pull of backwards integration as well as Reliance has, especially in the chemical sector. When asked to name India’s leading business house, Reliance Industries Limited would be right at the top of most people’s lists.

Cost effective transportation and timely service were important factors to meet the customer expectations and retain them in one’s fold. To cite an example, when dealing with acetic acid, we used to buy second hand carboys from market, clean it and send the same thro’ trucks carrying steel – to collect acid from a supplier at Trichy and deliver it to an Erode customer. A company may increase its market share by implementing a forward integration strategy.

Forward means one company acquires the distributions or sales channel for a move forward. So backward integration means one company acquires the supply chain process companies for better supplies. In the initial stages, the commercial division of the Pon Pure Chemicals Company was utilising the services of various transporters both thro’ the dedicated and spot booking routes to deliver the cargo.

Profits are essential for a business to survive and that can only be achieved if a business keeps a hold on its growth path. Often, the leadership of an organization makes wrong decisions or gets stuck midway to decide the path ahead for the business. Forward integration comes ownership and the ability to manage the demand for products. INVESTMENT BANKING RESOURCESLearn the foundation of Investment banking, financial modeling, valuations and more. It may lead to lower product quality and reduced efficiency due to competition.

The learning curve for managers moving from raw materials to higher margin segments of the supply chain is a steep one. Unless the company’s management is confident that its raw materials are rare enough to give it market power, horizontal movements may be preferable. The integration of entities forward of the company’s production vertically strengthens its position in the industry and establishes obstacles for potential rivals. For example, if a company integrates a large industry retailer, probable competitors could face limited access to distribution channels. There’s no way you can escape planning about the supply chain to make your product available to customers and minimize cost. Supply chain integration is necessary for every business to smoothen the product lifecycle from design to delivery.

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