While other laptops blog.windll.com/how-to-fix-steam-disk-write-error-easily/ in the house manage to see the tv and connect to it. My problem is that my pc can’t detect the TV, when doing Windows + K or being in the device page. We are glad to know that the issue was resolved. I’ve another update that maybe may raise more clarity to the issue. I’ve also checked the windows WLAN-AutoConfig logs to try to find a reason.

To ensure that none of these programs cause your Windows installation to fail, you need to carry out a clean boot of your system. The Windows Update Standalone Installer is tasked with installing update packages.

Windows 10 Update Wastes 20gb: How To Get It Back

My internet topology is very simple, I have an ethernet cable provided by the ISP and it’s connected to the Wi-Fi slot in my router. Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter is mainly used to create wireless hotspot and let other computers use internet through your computer. This technology will virtualize your Wireless network adapter much in the same way VMWare/VirtualBox virtualizes your entire operating system.

Flipboard For Windows 10

I pair them and it works for a moment but then disconnects. This guide is incomplete, it doesn’t explain how you can disconnect a Bluetooth device without removing it. You can have a dozen Bluetooth speakers / headphones paired at once and connect whichever one you want. If you’re going to do basic guides please at least make sure they cover the basics…

Resetting the router will delete all settings and you will have to configure everything again. You can reset the router through the reset button given at the back of the router.

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